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Cellulose Powder

Cellulose Powder is a white, odorless powder made by Cotton Waste ,Paper Pulp and wood Pulp. It is processed properly and the impurities are removed through proper washing. Our company is enlisted as one amidst the reliable Manufacturers & Suppliers of Cellulose Powder.

Our Cellulose Powder is known for attributes like free of chlorides and low ash content with purified grade. We sell 200 M.T. Cellulose Powder in a year.


Physical AppearanceWhite to Creamish Powder
Ash0.5 max
Moisture5.0 max
Bulk Density0.39 gms/cc
Mesh size95% passes through -100 mesh


Description Result
Physical Appearance White to Creamish Powder
Ash 0.5 max
Chloride Traces
Moisture 5.0 max
PH 6-8
Bulk Density 0.39 gms/cc
Mesh size 95% passes through -100 mesh